Webinar on Search Enablement

Search_enablement_headerDate: 2013 May 2nd, Thursday

Time: 5:00pm IST

Duration: 1 hour


IT stakeholders need to ensure that knowledge is easily accessible and can be searched for in any given situation. The vital aspect of any search application is ensuring that the architectural design and configuration are grounded and align with the business and functional objectives. In addition, the application needs to follows best practices for indexing, searching and maximizing performance. Search enablement for a given knowledge base as needs to take into consideration factors such as availability, searchability, authentication, security and filtering.

Key takeaways

  • Effectively utilizing the knowledge base of an organisation.
  • Accessibility of data with respect to users.
  • Efficacious usage of open source technology.
  • Solr – Lucene/Fast search
  • Elastic Search

Who should attend

Developers, CXOs, Division Heads, Project Managers, Senior Application Developer, Delivery Heads, and Client Principals. This webinar is for everyone who is searching for answer to how an organization can leverage data.

About The Speaker:


Ashok Datla has 14 years of experience; he has played various roles in technology and leadership front in different countries. On the technology front, he has been responsible for the solutions architecture, systems design and review, and integration services. On the management front, he has been a single point of contact to engage with business offices at the client location enabling better ROI through process automation.

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