Our Integrated Engineering solutions


With our partner company Astronics Test Systems, we can offer a complete switching solution from DC to 40GHz. The switching can be a simple switching system, or a matrix, or a complex active switching solution such as  a blocking and non-blocking switching matrix. The switching system offered will be fully compliant with international EMI/EMC solutions and can be controlled through ETHERNET/GPIB/RS-485/RS-232, etc. These high performance switching systems can cater to applications involving ATEs, LRUs, earth stations, tactical systems and electronic warfare.

Data acquisition and simulation:

Bustec offers a range of high performance data acquisition products primarily for the defence and aerospace markets. High accuracy, high synchronization, excellent noise performance and modularity are the key features of our product. The application includes data acquisition, test and measurement, simulation and closed loop systems. The application areas are listed on their website, http://www.bustec.com/. The product includes LXI/VXI mainframes, functional cards to cater to ADC, DAC, counter/timer, switching, digital I/O and complete DAS modules.

Test solutions and ATEs:

Astronics and Spherea can cater to end-to-end ATE requirements in the areas of defence, aerospace, automotive, medical and semiconductors, and for general purposes as well. The key competency areas are:

  • RF and microwave (up to 40 GHz)
  • TUA and TPS development
  • Special test programs for radio, radar and electronic warfare
  • Electro-optic test solutions
  • Testers and ATEs for various levels of testing, like field, lab and factory-level testers
  • Special tools like Wire Harness Testers and Digital Radio Communication Testers available as standard products

RF and microwave up to KA band:

Our partner SAGE SatCom has a variety of KA band solutions which can be effectively used to support mobile backhaul solutions, connectivity at remote locations and for military applications. The product includes block upconvertors (BUCs), KA band amplifiers and KA band transceivers.

Other general RF solutions include ATEs up to 40 GHz, switching up to 40 GHz, and radio, radar and electronic warfare solutions like ELINT, SIGINT, RFCOMINT, etc.

Power supply solutions:

Spherea Test & Services Ltd. has a range of power supply solutions under the trade name Puissance Plus. Specializing in power electronic test and measurement for 20 years, Puissance Plus has developed skills in R&D, design, production and integration of simulation systems for the aeronautics, spatial, military, transport and education industries.

A large scale of specific and standard products are covered:

  • Single phase and three-phase AC power source
  • Switching and linear DC power supply
  • Outdoor and embedded power electronics
  • Single phase and three-phase AC load
  • DC load
  • Current generator
  • Test bench
  • Grid simulator
  • Photovoltaic simulation
  • Current sensor, transformer
  • 4-quadrant amplifier
  • Smart grid
  • Frequency converter


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