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Low cost data acquisition system:

Compassites’ Data Acquisition & Process Trainer Kit (DAPT) is a bench-mounted PC-based trainer that is used to teach students how to use different sensors with different types of data acquisition modules. Using this trainer, students can learn about common industry parameters and compare between their different behaviors and characteristics.

Model 100kW solar power station

The broad scope of the work would include design, supply, installation, and commissioning of the 100kW solar photovoltaic power plant. Besides this, the work would involve monitoring and analysis, an active power filter, a grid synchronizer, and a 2kW wind mill simulator setup and energy monitoring system. This platform would provide research scholars and students a wonderful opportunity to study the functioning of the power plant and also the environmental and climate-based conditional effects on power generation, and estimate the efficiency of the system. This would inter alia include a clear understanding of the features of the college and the proposed project. This may also require a prior visit to the proposed site.


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