Compassites promotes Certified Networker® III program by Referral Institute

In the Certified Networker® III program participants will be creating and implementing a power referral marketing system that will bring their business and lifestyles to new levels. The art of relationship building and the science of effective marketing will be taken up to show how to attract prospective clients.


Startup Pitch Bootcamp from the Founder Institute : A talk by Srikanth Acharya & Niranjan Gupta

Pitching your startup ideas effectively is a crucial skill that will help you acquire financing, customers, partners, and top talent.


Search Enablement

IT stakeholders need to ensure that knowledge is easily accesible and can be searched for in any given situation. The vital aspect of any search application is ensuring that the architectural design and configuration are grounded and align with the business and functional objectives. In addition, the application needs to follows best practices for indexing, searching and maximizing performance.


"How To Write Your Long Pending Book & Get It Published" :    A WorkShop for Aspiring Authors by Dr. Liz Alexander

Some people are so desperate to become published authors they sacrifice quality for speed; care more about their egos than their readers; and their primary goal for writing a book is to make a lot of money.


Inseparable Twins: Paired Principles to inspire young minds : A talk by Naveen Lakkur

Innovation resides in everyone. Innovative potential in a person cannot be fully realized if it is not properly nurtured. It takes determined efforts to do so. If that spirit is not cultivated in a timely and disciplined manner, then a person may lose faith in his/her ability or even struggle needlessly.


Architecture best practices to optimally leverage Elastic Beanstalk and CloudFormation

One of the pain points with migrating your app to the cloud is that while it's pretty easy to setup a server in the cloud and load up your software, the basic setup usually won't scale over time.

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