7 game changing events at Compassites

  1. It is a rare occasion in startups to have investment cheques before the bank account has even opened! This was how we started!
  2. Highly accomplished veterans in the field of entrepreneurship coming together as founding board members was a key event for us during the initial phase.
  3. Fostered and participated in the India 2.0 IT services play by focusing on Product Development, Intellectual Property Development and Entrepreneurial Venture Development.
  4. With the successful launches of Suggestica, JiffleNow and iCharts, Compassites proved itself as a trusted ideation & incubation company while being the technology partner for these entrepreneurial initiatives. All the three initiatives are recognized/award winning ventures.
  5. Based on the successful delivery of our projects, Authentix (a large global enterprise) selects Compassites to be the technology partner for a path breaking digital track & trace system.
  6. Compassites not only sailed through the great global recession but stayed focused on working on some of the greatest & latest technologies.
  7. Compassites decides to grow to the next level and Mahesh Baxi comes onboard to lead from the front. This growth phase of the company is not just a milestone but a cornerstone in the journey of Compassites.

Naveen Lakkur is co-founder & Director at Compassites. Naveen has a track record of 5 successful IT start-up initiatives in his professional career. He is an expert in building IT start-ups and has demonstrated his proficiency in innovating, validating and converting ideas into working business models. He has participated in 30+ successful ideations. He has also gained experience from large enterprises such as Wipro and Digital and has donned several roles. “Converting Creative Concepts into Commerce with Compassion” is a one line intro of Naveen.

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