7 Reasons To Get Associated with Compassites

January brings in lots of excitement in general given that everyone comes back fresh from vacations, deciding which resolutions to break and making amazing plans for the coming year. It is something to feel excited about but it brings particularly more excitement to all Navigators at Compassites because it is our anniversary month. 2013 is special because Compassites completes 7 successful years of operations in January 2013.

Like in any journey, we have witnessed many ups and down, hits and misses but are learning from our mistakes. We are constantly improving our ability to create a ‘WOW’ experience through our excellence in delivery capabilities. Being a specialized IT services firm, we have always taken pride and gratification in our customer’s success and will continue to do so.

Here are 7-reasons why you should get associated with Compassites

1. Highly smart, talented & passionate people: Sometimes, not having artificial pressures of quarterly results and the urge to satisfy investors has its own advantage. One such advantage is we control growth of the company. Being in the IT services industry; we understand that it is all about people, culture and environment, which will produce stellar products for our customers. While we have doubled the size in the last one year itself with our renewed focus, we continue to stay selective about hiring the right kind of people.

Here is what Theresa Lim, Founder & CEO of Play2Lead, Australia had to say about Compassites and our people:

“Compassites hit the ground running with me and challenges some of my thinking during the interactive design and build process. I was very happy with the working prototype they built for me. We worked well together as partners. They have the same excitement and passion about my company as I would expect my own staff.”

Gururaja Yellapur who is AVP of Software and Product Development at OmegaHMS talks about our passionate approach:

“I was initially attracted to Compassites for its Navigators’ social commitment and contributions. In addition, I would continue to engage because of the passion, dedication and commitment of the Navigators towards their work.”

2. True partnership approach: By virtue of hiring smart, talented and passionate people, we are very clear not to take the ‘order taker’ approach. Needless to say that requirements must be understood, product must be delivered and customer expectations must be met. However, we take partnership approach to understand our customer’s business, competition and market well enough to help establish competitive edge through innovative technology solution. We are not a swipe-in / swipe-out culture where number of working hours matters. On the contrary, we measure ourselves by value delivered to our customers.

JiffleNow has been associated with Compassites for over 4 years and here is what Hari Shetty, Founder & CEO of JiffleNow had to say about us:

“Our story at Jiffle is no different than that of many start-ups that find their groove after a series of pivots along the way. Compassites turned out to be the ideal technology partner as we experimented and evolved into a business that we are proud of today. Compassites teams integrated with our team quickly and made us feel that they are part of OUR team.”

3. Attitude makes all the difference: With technology world changing every second, new programming languages, and Open source technologies, it would be an unfair expectation that everyone knows everything when it comes to applying it to right places. However, the right attitude can make all look easy and make miracles happen. With smart, talented and passionate people, right attitude is the other secret ingredient which is found everywhere at Compassites.

We have been working with Sreekandh Balakrishnan for many months now. He is an independent consultant to CxOs on technology and business strategy. We had pleasure working with him for a customer which is into the content aggregation business. Here is what Sreekandh had to say about Compassites:

“Got associated with Compassites through a reference for executing a project which was never possible with another two vendors tried earlier. With assistance of Compassites, we have a product live in less than 4 months and first few hundred customers are already live as I write this.”

Sreekandh went on to say

“Reasons why I would work with Compassites are: 1) Committed to deliver 2) Highly technically capable people 3) Get things done attitude 4) Open to suggestions and 5) Not hesitant to say ‘I don’t know’.”

4. Creating a WOW experience: There is an old saying that ‘all is well that ends well’. I personally would disagree or make an amendment to ensure that not only the end-result is well but the journey also needs to be memorable. Our mission is “to create a WOW experience for all the stakeholders through innovative technology solutions and delivery excellence”. We drive and measure ourselves through our mission.

We work very closely with Graymatics, a very unique product company which is into ultimate multimedia sensing. Here is what Abhijit Shanbhag, President and CEO had to say about Compassites:

“We like the passion for technology across the organization and a strong desire to impress, continue to work due to their genuine commitment as an augmented team, and their breadth to cover all product stages in a cutting-edge software effort.”

5. Excellence & business goals go hand-in-hand: I’m a big fan of ‘Doing Both’, a great book written by Inder Sidhu. While there are options available in everything we do, certain options are not valid such as compromising quality to reduce cost of product development. However, there are ways to balance / manage different levers, which are available and most often achieve well – both. In this case, we always strive to achieve excellence and business goals / priorities for our customers.

Here is what Hans-Bernd, VP of Product Management and Customer Delivery from iCharts had to say about us:

“It is often underestimated, but excellence cannot be planned. Excellence is created in a day-to-day process in which knowledge; technical skills, creativity and passion come together to reach a certain goal. Compassites’ combination of highly professional people on one side and passion on the other side is how they are able to create important difference between good and excellent. I am very much looking forward to enjoying the next years to continue my association with Compassites.”

6. Connecting the loose ends: However risky it might be, we take pride in solving business critical problems and don’t relent until the project is delivered. To be able to solve business critical problems, we do understand and put ourselves in our customer’s shoes.

We recently won a project in South America, which is targeted towards making transportation logistics much simpler, predictable and reliable. Here is what Jeff Kudrle who is Founder and CEO had to say about us:

“I was referred to Compassites by a friend as an organization with the expertise and capabilities of being able to develop complex solutions of their customers. From the initial conversation, they did not disappoint. They quickly grasped our concept and were able to generate thought provoking discussions which helped us to streamline our product and get development underway.”

7. Our ability and credibility to deliver software: There are many ways to characterize organizations, what they strive to achieve or what they are known for. If there was only one term for what Compassites should be known for, my only choice would be ‘Compassites knows how to deliver software’.

We have been working with HOPPR, mobile device-agnostic location based Services Company for the past few months. Here is what Imthiaz, Founder and CEO had to say about our ability to deliver software:

“We have been engaged with Compassites for the past few months and the one thing that I would say which is the most unique is that they are a partner which instead of being followed-up actually is known to follow-up with the customer. You have helped us pushing people in my company and I love it. Promising on-time delivery and making sure it happens is what Compassites is all about. Love you guys.”

Mahesh Baxi is the CEO of Compassites. Mahesh has over 19 years of global IT services experience. Mahesh has spent most of his professional life in front of the customers and is very passionate about working with customers. Prior to joining Compassites, Mahesh served as the MD for ThoughtWorks India. Prior to this, Mahesh served as Global Head of Delivery and COO at ThoughtWorks India. Before joining ThoughtWorks, Mahesh spent about 12 years in San Jose, where he held leadership roles in a number of startups that include Apttus, Vendavo, Nextance and Challenger Systems.

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