The 7 wonders at Compassites

Recently, we celebrated 7 years of operations of Compassites Software and it is a phenomenal feeling to be part of the growth phase of this company. I’d have to say that the learnings and unlearnings on this journey have been really thought provoking. There are dozens of aspects about this company that amazes me. Here are 7 things that instantly come to mind.

1. Our People: The Navigators

It maybe cliched to say that the best “thing” in a company is the people. Well, this holds absolutely true at Compassites. Everyone is hard working and the leadership is super responsive. It is fair to say that people join Compassites to build their careers and not their “jobs”.

2. Fast And The Furious: A Dynamic Culture

Being a mid-size company has its benefits. Decisions are made faster and you feel that you are part of the decision making process. You get to know about the regular updates on how the company is faring. Compassites is surely going places and “dynamic decision making” is one of the primary reasons for this. Being a forward-thinking company ensures that all of us are on our toes. If you are looking at some slack time in your career, Compassites would probably not be the right choice. And yes, we are very ambitious!

3. Everyone’s Invited: Focus On Diversity

Our employees come from various backgrounds and education setups. Diversity enables us to create an exciting work space where people diverse folks. Typically technology companies have a lower ratio of female employees and we really want to change that. We welcome women who wan to join us in both technical and functional roles.

4. Size Zero: A flat organization

We are a non-hierarchical organization where everyone is encouraged to voice out their opinion. The leadership team members are accessible and not hidden behind personal cabins. There is not clique that one needs to be a part of in order to succeed. No prior appointment is needed to meet any of the senior folks here. Viva la vox populi!

5. Entrepreneurship Culture

Want something? Go get it! Since we are small & nimble, we are able to entrust our people with the ability to run the company as their own. We dont have layers of processes or approvals needed to get things done. Surely a great place to pick up some entreprenuerial skills.

6. Learning: Focus on thought leadership

Each and everyone is encouraged to blog and speak at conferences. Thought leadership is high on our radar at Compassites. It is not something which is swept under the carpet or discussed as mere water cooler conversations. It is a way of life that we prescribe to.

7. We care: A socially responsible company

At Compassites, we are committed to the planet. While most companies have a “Corporate Social Responsibility” program, we have a social program that is owned and run completely by employees. “C.O.A.C.H” is our program where employees self organize into small groups that do social work. Balancing profitability with being socially responsible is what we believe in.

Rajiv Mathew is the Head of Marketing at Compassites.He is a hands-on technology marketing & communications professional with proven expertise in multiple facets of the marketing spectrum. He is specialized in creating brand value by being a business driver, digital catalyst & legacy builder.Prior to joining Compassites he worked at ThoughtWorks Inc and Oracle. His passions include public speaking, writing and filmmaking.He holds an MBA degree from Christ College Institute of Management, Bangalore.

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