Unbelievable BOSS HR 2017 Awards Success Story

Compassites feels proud to share some amazing news with our Readers: Our modern Human Resource Management platform system ‘BOSS HR’ has quite recently won the’ Rising Star ‘& ‘Great User Experience’ Award for the Year 2017 delivered by Finances Online. Finances Online is the Number 1 Ranking portal on Google that accumulates approx. 1.5 MN Visits/ Month. This portal has highlighted our product in a nitty gritty BOSS HR review, where their specialists excitedly analyzed how the platform insights help to make savvy business choices and decisive actions.

A team of specialists from Finances Online works devotedly to examine hundreds of HR Management solutions and we are very happy to be incorporated into their best HR Management Software Category. As indicated by their specialists, BOSS HR has precisely what you’d anticipate from an HR solution, as it simplifies the management of employee database and empowers to work successfully. What they also appreciated was the cognitive automation capabilities adopted by our development team, which empowers to learn and make decisions that are logical and parallel to human thought processes.

BOSS HR makes an incredible showing by allowing to manage, devise, and implement strategies concerning recruitment, assessments, employee profiling, leave management, attendance tracking, time sheets, payroll, and other HR-related areas. It additionally gives companies the tools and functionalities they need to achieve absolute visibility and control over their workflows and processes using a unified platform. Specialists additionally concurred that for a tool which helps different scenarios demanding multiple and complicated workflows is very much Cost-Effective. Boss HR is counted as one of the top 200 HR Management Software by Finances Online. This dynamic ERP platform is accessible in a Basic version- BOSS Vanilla, and an Advanced version- BOSS Intelligent.

HR Management Tool ‘BOSS HR’

If you’re thinking of implementing HR management software, try BOSS HR. Redefine your business with BOSS HR, and see how we can thrive your business better.