Compassites announces partnership with MongoDB

Compassites, a technology services firm, today announced that it has entered into a partnership with MongoDB, the leading NOSQL database.

On this occasion, Mahesh Baxi the CEO of Compassites said, “Being a services company focused on technology and solving business critical problems for our customers, we are seeing the need to move out of typical relational database structures and move towards NOSQL where structured and unstructured data can be supported for various purposes. We have promoted, recommended and used MongoDB with 5 of our customers already and would not hesitate to use it where we have an opportunity.”

Here is what Renu Yardey, a developer at Compassites had to say; “I prefer MongoDB because it is so easy to use. The development is rapid and developers new to Mongo adapt to it very quickly. Installation is a breeze and the usage is also simple. The configuration needed for development is minimal. You can install and start using it then and there. If you face any problems, the vast and growing Mongo community is there to help at any time.”

Renu also goes on to say “I have worked with relational databases for the majority part of my career. But Mongo’s simplicity and ease of use wins hands down as the database choice for any new applications. As with any other data store, one would need to do any estimation of how much the data is likely to grow. Having a ‘sharding strategy’ built early on, based on growth, would help in the long run. I would signoff on the note that Mongo has reached the maturity of the relational databases even at this nascent stage­.”

About MongoDB

MongoDB is probably the most popular NoSQL database management system. It is an Open Source document-oriented database system that stores data in documents with dynamic schemas. For more information about mongoDB visit

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