Compassites featured on CNBC’s Young Turks Programme

On September 7th, 2013 Compassites was featured on CNBC-TV18’s Young Turks programme; which is India’s first dedicated & longest-running show focusing on young entrepreneurs.

Compassites is a technology services firm that works in the space of big data, cloud computing, consumerization of IT and technology consulting.

On the show, Naveen Lakkur, co-founder of Compassites, says “Compassites were among the early companies who set trends by focusing on product development and R&D”.

Naveen also talks about how Compassites differentiates itself from other vendors. He says “Our USP is that, in some of our ventures we got deeply involved in putting the business model together and creating technology literally through partnerships and also co-owning the product and intellectual properties which defines the real ownership and not just has any other vendor”.

Compassites has incubated and owned 24 ventures which include clients like ICICI NRI Touch, Airtel, Payback and Hoppr. For ICICI Bank for instance, Compassites engineers created the NRI-Touch platforms to drive business and engagement between bank and its global clients.

Today 40% of Compassites business still comes from the US and India contributes about 25% of revenue stream. The newer markets like Australia and the Middle-East have registered bigger growth for the company.

Watch the video here:  link.

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