Compassites launches Donera, an application for donor management

Bangalore, India, June 20, 2014

The technical team at Compassites Software Solutions has just launched a unique application that helps NGOs and other social agencies to manage donations coming into their organizations. This application is built on the Android platform and primarily helps with management, tracking and reporting of donations. The quintessential features of Donera help NGOs to raise and mange funds effectively.

On this occasion, Rajesh Kannan, the CEO at Compassites said “The Donera application organizes multiple events and assigns it to individual volunteers. The volunteer records details specific to the donor using the application and the donor in turn will be updated about his donation made with a mail or simple SMS. It also updates donors with event expenses giving them information of where their funds are utilized. The great feature about the application is that it works offline enabling volunteers to collect funds and make an entry from anywhere without worrying about connectivity. The application also mails automated tax receipts to the donors. Donera helps segment and analyze donors with a comprehensive reporting feature.  It can be adopted by any organization without a large upfront investment, and is easy to use.” 

Compassites offers a level of customization during the setup phase to match the specific needs of each organization. Compassites has built this app for Make A Difference (MAD), a youth network of 2200+ volunteers, working with orphans and unprivileged children in India. MAD has automated their hand-driven donation process using Donera.

Rajiv Mathew, the head of marketing at Compassites says, “What has been a long and tiring process of pulling contacts and donation information from archaic systems has now become a breeze with just a few clicks with Donera. Organizations that are making use of Donera are reaping the benefits of handling a large database of donors, saving on money and hundreds of man-hours.”

Many NGOs these days are using advanced donor management applications for running their operations smoothly and effectively. The Donera application promises to deliver them a lot of structure and efficient methods to plan their donations. More information about Donera can be procured at

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