Compassites Software Solutions launches its BOSS ERP platform

Bengaluru, April 10, 2017: Compassites Software Solutions, a leading IT services and solutions company, successfully launched its proprietary ERP Platform, BOSS.

BOSS is an acronym for Business Operating System for Startups.

Every organisation needs ERP systems to conduct their business transactions, improve information sharing, and other operations. BOSS helps organizations take control of their businesses by integrating their core business functions, including financial management, human resource management, customer relationship management, operations management, product planning, inventory management, purchase management, quality management, sales management and logistics management.

BOSS enables businesses to function efficiently by gaining visibility and control over all their processes in a single platform. With 30+ in-built apps and 200+ modules that cover the needs of a variety of industry verticals from manufacturing to e-commerce, BOSS allows you to define your business processes the way you’d like to. From tracking leads to customer support, BOSS allows you to take charge of the entire business cycle in a transparent and cost-effective manner. The ERP platform is available in a basic version, BOSS Vanilla, and an advanced version, BOSS Intelligent.

Using BOSS, businesses can get a bird’s eye view of their operations across all functions in an elegant and intuitive interface.

Explore a user-friendly, high value, cost effective and business-savvy ERP platform.

About Compassites

Compassites Software Solutions provides IT services and solutions to leading global customers. The company has imprinted a position for itself by addressing customer challenges through advanced IT solutions.

Compassites’ focus on cutting-edge technologies like Mobility, Data Analytics, Cloud, and Portals form the foundation of its digital transformation journey.