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Paul Writer advises firms on marketing strategy, positioning and messaging. Paul Writer hosts India’s best CMO Community with over 30,000 participants, and publishes India’s only magazine for marketers, Marketing Booster Magazine (print and digital). To facilitate sharing of best practices, Paul Writer hosts conferences for marketers under the brand names Futurist CMO, Great Indian Marketing Summit and CMO Roundtables.

Recently our marketing head Rajiv Mathew spoke to Paul Writer at the Great Indian Marketing Summit. This interview was published on March 10, 2014. The following is the transcribe of what he spoke about.

One way in which IT companies can use content to appeal to customers?

In my experience the number one way in which organizations and companies can use content is by making it relevant to their consumer. So, if you can make it topical, if you could make it based on location, if you could make it based on agenda. So get as specific as possible with regard to the customer profile. If it is relevant to your customer he will love that content. So that is the way that you use content marketing to appeal to your customers.

Make it as relevant and as topical as possible.

How can you make video content more appealing?

Having relevant content is not the only thing that you need to keep in mind. You also need to remind yourself that consumers or customers only skim and scan content. When a consumer picks up his newspaper he doesn’t go through each and every word. He skims and scans through the headlines. So content while being relevant also needs to be extremely skimable and scanable. You need to have paragraphs, title, subtitles and so on. Having a two or three hour video or even a one hour video would probably not appeal to your customer in spite of it being relevant to him. You should target short videos maximum three or four minutes that are extremely relevant to the customer. The shorter and crisper you make your content especially for videos the better it will appeal to your customers.

How important is it for IT firms to have a strong presence on digital space?

Increasingly, what I have observed is IT service companies are getting more digital i.e., getting into digital marketing. This is of importance because any customer that is going to buy a service from you is definitely going to Google your name to research about your company, research about services that you offer even before he meets you. Your company, your employees, your CEO, services and client case studies will all be Googled before a customer sits on the table to talk to you. Hence if you are an IT services company having a comprehensive digital services strategy is extremely crucial. The reason for this is IT business is where people look at client testimonials, reverences, or any kind of information they can find about you.

How can IT services explore social media platform?

Typically IT services organization can use social media in two ways:

It is used for supply where you are trying to attract potential employees. For such a scenario Facebook could be your platform. A majority of your employees or hires are likely to be on Facebook.  So, lot of Facebook marketing and advertising would be of great help.

Other would be the demand side. That is where social media tools like LinkedIn play a very important role. So your company page has to be updated and so has to be all your services. Get a few customer testimonials on LinkedIn. In my experience I would say LinkedIn is the number one tool from a demand point of view.

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