The Facebook saturation syndrome

Facebook is the all-pervasive social media tool that is buzzing with activities and feeds every single day. There are more than a billion users worldwide! It is almost like another planet within Earth! Facebook is also a super addictive way for us to keep in touch with others and know what is going on in the world around us through our respective social networks.

Recent surveys have shown a dramatic change in the behavior of Facebook users. Many of them try to engage with their favorite brands through Facebook. Brands are able to track and interact with their followers using the platform. Marketing spend on Facebook advertising has shot up multi-fold as companies want to be present where their customers are. Marketers want to listen in on what people are speaking about their brand.

Having said this, we should also be cognizant of the many assumptions that we have about Facebook. Many users have proclaimed that though they are super active on the platform, they never click on the advertisements and sponsored posts that are posted on their Facebook walls. They have tuned themselves to turn a blind eye to the ads being featured on Facebook. Are these ads having a saturation effect on users?

Most people who have internet connections are likely to have Facebook accounts. The user friendliness of the platform has also helped it gather a huge subscriber base. The user base is bound to grow, especially in rural India, as many more people start logging onto the internet.

The one question is continuously boggling my mind is whether Facebook will reach the tipping point with regards to user experience saturation. If so, how will it grow and make money for the shareholders? Will users get turned off with the dramatic increase of advertisements? Will there be a time when people have had enough of the platform? What will Facebook do to keep reinventing itself, so that people don’t stop accessing the platform?

Facebook needs to ensure that the ads are targeted precisely and people don’t feel “spammy” about the platform. Also privacy issues need to be monitored, as we keep moving along. Facebook also needs to keep coming up with new features that will keep the user interested in the platform in the coming years.

It would be reasonable to say that, Facebook probably does not have the “novelty” factor that it had when it started off. There are a few people who have disconnected from the platform and all together given up on it. One wonders, if this will be the case say 5 years from now. Will Facebook turn out to be another Orkut?

Sheeba Dube is a Marketing Consultant at Compassites. She works on various aspects of services marketing such as content marketing, market research and lead generation. She hails from the place which is well known for orange cultivation, Nagpur.She completed her PGDM from International School of Business Research, Bangalore. Sheeba is interested in all things that are related to marketing!

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