Find your purpose

What is your purpose? One simple question got many of us to think and visit the question again and again. Have we never thought about it? Are we just going ahead with our lives without knowing the purpose?

In the daily grind of getting the hardware, software, and process together, can we look through our purpose? “It is important to understand and find our own purpose or we will be a part of someone else’s purpose.” says Naveen Lakkur while explaining the importance about finding purpose.

Naveen Lakkur gave an elaborate talk about “Finding purpose” at Compassites on 17th July 2014. Naveen Lakkur plays an advisory role to build startups and is an expert in converting creative concept to successful commercial realities. It was an interactive session where each one at Compassites was a part. From setting expectations to conclusion audience was involved at every step. The talk opened with Walt Disney and its purpose as a company with nicely put together pictures of cartoon character which most of us could relate to as our childhood memories. He explained that Walt Disney’s purpose in the prophecy of its creator is as simple as “Make people happy”. He clearly put out the mission and vision with this example and said that a mission no matter how old will hold good at all times.

In his own words “Mission is about who you are.” Or “Why an organization exists.”

“Vision is set of ideas that describe the future state.”

He humorously put that having no idea about one’s purpose is like playing football without a goalpost. He said that people who do not know their exact purpose formed the greater part of statistics and having a purpose awakens leadership qualities. He also said finding a purpose requires lot of effort. At this point few in the audience spelt their new found purpose.

He went ahead to give few tips while building a purpose where he mentioned mission and vision are a manifestation of the purpose and alignment of mission and vision gives phenomenal results. At this point he picked one member from audience and defined her mission and vision and purpose all aligned with her name. With this he indicated that creating purpose for someone else is easy while for thyself is difficult for it is present in the blind spot.

Not talking about the purpose just because you are held accountable for it is what everyone does and they form larger part of statistics. No one wants be a part of crowd, everyone wants to standout. Thus Naveen says his dream of supporting hundred startups became a reality of 1000 startups by his association with “The Founder Institute” and his discussion of his purpose with Adeo Ressi of Founder Institute. So having a purpose and sharing it is important.

Naveen at this point talked about work life balance. Quoting his early days as an entrepreneur he said he has learnt not to separate work and life as balancing will arise only if there is a separation. He said he has made working an integral part of life and so does not have the trouble of balancing it. But he does not forget to say to give priority to family as well.

He said when one has purpose defined the entire universe in terms of friends, family, and colleagues will come along to make the purpose a reality. He said everyone will work as a team to enable us to achieve our goal.

He concluded telling “Purpose completes a life story. So, find your purpose.”

People at Compassites after the speech said that the speech gave great insights about finding purpose and connecting purpose and profession. They also said they learnt that great mission, vision and compassionate action keep the purpose live and kicking.

Shilpa Rao is a Marketing Consultant at Compassites Software Solutions. She handles content development & curation for the firm. She has completed M.Tech in Computer Science and engineering. She started her career as a content developer for an SEO company. She also has experience working as a content analyst for managerial and technical content in e-learning companies. Shilpa likes reading various technical books and watching television is her favorite pastime.

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