My first day at Compassites

I had gone through the Compassites website well before joining the company as an intern. This really seemed like a great place to work at. My fellow classmates were already impressed that I had gotten a break in such a cool company. I landed at Bangalore; all ready to kick-start my internship in an Agile environment.

So there I was standing in front of the office door on my first day at work. I was waiting there for the person I had to report into. Had never seen him, just heard his voice twice over the phone during the extensive telephonic interviews. He came in, welcomed me and told me that he would send the HR person to meet me.

As each person came into the office, I looked at them and instantly knew that this company is a fun place to work at. Every person seemed to be coming to office with a smile. By then the HR person came in and asked me to complete my joining procedures. I completed the formalities and got introduced to the entire team at Compassites. There were developers, business analysts, testers, operations folks et al. It was a balanced mix of junior and senior folks that formed the team.

The introductions were followed by an excellent induction presentation by the HR. I got to really understand what the company stands for, the history of the firm and the vision going forward. All clarifications were cleared and we were ready to get started!

By the time we wrapped up the induction, it was time for lunch. Since I was new to Bangalore, I had no idea where to go! Just then one of my newly found colleagues, asked me to join her team for lunch. The entire troupe made me feel at home while we discussed about various aspects of the company over lunch. I thanked my stars that I had joined a flexible and informal company, which valued people and their opinions. People were free to talk and speak their mind out on any topic.

As soon as I got back from lunch, we had a meeting where my manager told me about what marketing means for the company and what needs to be done for us to continue standing out of the crowd. I got to learn about the marketing strategies that were in play and what role I would play in the coming months. The work that was coming my way was exciting and challenging. The icing on the cake was that, I also got to work on a live project!

By the end of the day, I had got to know a lot more of the employees by their first name. That’s the advantage of having a small and closely-knit team working together. I started to realize that the people here were totally different from what I had thought about those in IT industry. Talk about pre-conceived notions!

The following days at Compassites taught me that it is completely a different work environment when you go to work. As each day comes to an end, I eagerly wait for the next day, because each day at Compassites offers me many surprises and lots to learn. It is truly an experience that is unparalleled!

Janaki is a Marketing Consultant at Compassites and currently pursuing MCA at Amrita School of Engineering Coimbatore. As part of her academic curriculum she has worked on lot of projects involving web technologies. She has also been part of various tech seminars and workshops conducted at college and loves experimenting with various programming languages.

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