A Glorious Week at Compassites!

Sitting in the lobby on a comfortable leather chair, snoozing myself every few minutes, I observed that the clock ticked at a pace slower than normal. It was 11.24am and my interview was scheduled at 11 am by a noob, hyper-inquisitive-consulting company who incessantly called me until I answered my phone. It was precisely the fourth call of the day and they seemed overtly enthusiastic about knowing the status of my location or maybe even the exact co-ordinates on the globe given a chance. Frankly, I’m not exactly a morning person rather let me put it this way – “I CAN KILL TO SLEEP IN THE MORNINGS.”(Well, I love working late nights. Mostly because it’s quiet.) Like waking up at 9.00am ;), rushing myself for the interview and constantly attending calls from the consultancy wasn’t enough, the neighbour guy decided to speak up and make a small talk while I sat there waiting for my turn. He asked me if I was there to give an interview for an Android developer position. Duh?? I said- “Yes” and looked away. End of conversation.

The phone rang. Now, the small-talk-initiator guy explained to his friend how he was screened twice and how something terribly went wrong with him. That very moment I decided my best bet was to walk away. Firstly, because the interview was scheduled so spontaneously that I didn’t get a chance to prepare and secondly, I was in no mood to take up an extra round of merciless grilling to qualify for further rounds. I was sick and tired of a few start-ups asking me to code up a module or an app and ceased to reply back or denied the job in the long run.

I had randomly browsed through the company website and had caught up with a few important flashing figures and terminologies on the site. Despite the name didn’t seem familiar to me I realized the organization had a good reputation in the industry. My interview at Compassites officially qualifies to be the most casual interview of my life and I thoroughly loved the way I was interrogated. Or should I call it brainstormed? I was totally annoyed by certain interviewers who mugged up a list of questions from the internet and made decisions on the basis of I-ve-no-idea-what-I’m-doing criteria. Whatever happened to applying your brains! At Compassites, they were keen to know if I answered the question- “why?” rather than “how?”. I had finally found a place with an extremely relaxed work-culture that boasted of happy employees.

When I was offered the job, I was thrilled to start a new innings of my career considering the rough patch I endured during the past few months. I knew this is the place I want to be.

Day one was the day of orientation and introductions. Even though I found it a little embarrassing, I was introduced to each and every person at the office personally. The office space was filled with pretty cards, posters and pictures which looked like they were compiled thoughtfully and were carefully showcased on the office walls. My excitement seemed boundless when I was asked to present a tech-talk about Android. Well, as an Android advocate and freeware fanatic I was overwhelmed by the opportunity. It was officially the most impromptu talk of my life where I didn’t prepare a single word before I took over the stage. The burden was on the audience anyway 😉 Given a chance I wouldn’t stop but I refrained myself from getting carried away before everyone screamed at me to get out of their faces.

All in all, it was a glorious week filled with numerous carrom-board tournaments, daily stand ups after mandi-meter entries, a plethora of devices to tinker around with, copious amounts of coffee consumption (planning to gather some infographics on that :P), some serious intellectual arguments along with another happy face that got added to the Compassites’ gallery.

Sowmya Guru is a Senior Android Consultant with Compassites Software. Keywords that describe her are independent, driven, skeptic, passionate, opinionated and a nihilist. She is an avid reader of sci-fi some of her favourites being Sandkings and Robot Dreams. She is an open-source lover and a freeware fanatic. Her other interests include blogging, teaching, sky gazing and photography. On a perfect holiday you will find her enjoying a cuppa coffee, with her favourite music in the background reading xkcd comics.

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