Inseparable Twins Book Launch

26 Nov 2012, Bangalore: Naveen Lakkur, along with Lone Tree Publishers launched his brainchild ‘Inseparable Twins’ on 25th November 2012. The book launch was held at Lalit Ashok Bangalore. Several eminent Industry professionals and entrepreneurs attended the event. Mr. Sharad Sharma, Chair, Nasscom Product Forum and former CEO of Yahoo India R&D unveiled the book and shared his thoughts. Mr. S.R. Gopalan, President TiE Bangalore received the first copy of the book.

Inseparable Twins: Paired Principles to Inspire Young Minds

Innovation resides in everyone. Innovat26e potential in a person cannot be fully realized if it is not properly nurtured. It takes determined efforts to do so. If that spirit is not cultivated in a timely and disciplined manner, then a person may lose faith in his/her ability or even struggle needlessly. Naveen Lakkur created this book with his unique set of a dozen paired codes primarily to rekindle that innate energy in every one of us; to enable all members of a team working towards a shared goal to realize their full potential and enjoy their journey towards that goal, be it an intrapreneurial or entrepreneurial mission. It is especially targeted at young minds who have that unstoppable zeal so as to help them avoid many of the hurdles and pitfalls that they will encounter in the pursuit of any ambitious goal.

Everyone has limited time and the attention span is even less these days. Yet, there is one communication system that continues to capture the time, attention and imagination of human beings since the dawn of mankind – and that is the art of story-telling. Rather than offer these twin principles in a dry, academic, typically business book way, the author is offering them to you in the form of a set of parables in an easy to read and lucid style. These are interesting stories unraveling these paired tenets through the experienced eyes of two elephants, Appy & Proppy, whose chance meeting with a man called Lucky stimulates a series of conversations about the twelve twins. Each one of the twelve paired thoughts has the potential to inspire anyone to renew their energy that power People, Purpose & Performance.

About The Author

Naveen Lakkur, an entrepreneur, an enabler, and an energizer. “Converting Creative Concepts into Commerce with Compassion” is a one-line intro of Naveen. With over 20 years of professional experience spread worldwide, he has been instrumental in fostering over 24 concepts to have become commercial realities globally. He is very passionate about fostering Social Entrepreneurs and actively participates in social projects with the objective of making life a wonderful one to live.

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