Inseparable twins- the review

While mentoring a budding entrepreneur, Naveen Lakkur (the author) realized that he was suggesting to follow two completely different and opposite principles. This epiphany is put to words in the book. The book is an effort to inspire young entrepreneurs through twelve paired principles. These seemingly different ideas are brought together to seek success. The author has helped many start-ups and entrepreneurs over the span of his career. Knowing the essentials of entrepreneurship, the author has shared his ideas for a successful venture. The lucid writing combined with excellent narration makes the book apt for every individual.

The best part of the book is the narration which does not follow the typical business style. It tries to capture the attention of the reader through wonderful anecdotes. All the concepts are explained as a conversation happening between two elephants and their human friend. The two elephants (Appy and Proppy), crack business ideas. Lucky (the human friend) gives numerous real-life stories of innovations. These stories are put in the right place introducing the reader to the central idea of paired principles.

To support any entrepreneurial pursuit, innovation is important. The book lines out how innovation alone cannot work but it also should carry value. It introduces innovation as one that is breakthrough and another that is incremental. It also talks about six core values to reach high potential of work. There is a underline of the fact that value-added innovation framework is very important for all entrepreneurs. Continuous innovation is the lifeblood for all entrepreneurs to survive.

The book also goes on to indicate about how doing and dreaming both are essential for an entrepreneur. It talks of continuously generating ideas and also makes sure of the feasibility of these as they are put to action. It talks about ways to realize the dreams, validating ideas and probing possibilities.

There is a unique mention about maintaining a balance between give and get. It becomes essential to give complete commitment to the idea to gain from it. Book suggests how entrepreneurs while suggesting ideas must also concentrate on their contribution.

A perfect definition of leader and team is also explained in the book. Seldom can a leader work without the team! Hence, how to get a team together and make them work towards a common goal is discussed in interesting ways.

The mark idea in the book is about time and how it influences relationships. It stresses building concept and bringing people around it. Also it tells that quality of outcome is dependent on time spent for the project. It tells how to add value to others people’s work and get benefitted from it. Ultimately it explains that time and relationship management spells success for everyone.

The book states more businesses fail with lack of action. Hence the author states that having boundless knowledge is not sufficient. All learnings go to a waste if it is not put to use. It outlines the virtue of experience that palys a vital role for all entrepreneurial ventures blended with the right mix of energy to convert knowledge to action.

Book also says one has to channelize resources to pursue ambitions and dare to do things differently. A free pioneering spirit can come only by doing different things. Taking road less traversed is an act of leadership and for which both “Doing things differently” and “Doing different things” are essential is recommended.

Concepts like effectiveness and efficiency for entrepreneurs are explained. All excellence that anyone can drive is by combining effectiveness and efficiency. It says an effectiveness of an organization is judged by the efficiency in managing resources. It enables the reader with illustrative examples to get more output with little resources.

The book also talks about basing business success on integrity. It gives a model that connects integrity with prosperity. It talks of nurturing relationships with integrity and how it helps to acquire prosperity. It gives insights about entrepreneur success with contribution to society at large. To foster fortunes it discusses the virtue of integrity.

The book closes with the striking couple of heart and brain. This is a challenge every entrepreneur faces while implementing ideas. With an analogy there are tips about when to make a decision with brain and when to use heart. It says you can realize any business by aligning hearts with brain and making expert judgments to create effective solutions to problems.

The book can be used as a guide for aspiring entrepreneurs. The book unleashes locked potential in young minds. It helps direct determined efforts for entrepreneurial mission. The young turks can now avoid all the hurdles that they may encounter in pursuit of their goals. All in all, this book is a wonderful support for young minds who might want to explore the entrepreneurial route.

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