Mahesh Baxi explores practical leadership mantras in new book

Mahesh Baxi, CEO of Compassites Software recently launched his latest book which is entitled “New Age Leadership: Practical mantras on leadership”. Mahesh has held leadership positions for many years now. He has tapped into his extensive experience and fleshed out many anecdotes on leadership that will be of interest to the inquisitive reader. Mahesh drew from his many experiences of working with various international clients to come up with the leadership mantras that he talks about in this book.

The book is a compendium of Mahesh’s blogs on leadership. The idea was to make the content available in the physical form as a compilation for the avid reader. The book also has a splash of cartoons adding the humor element to the business leadership topics that are being discussed in the book.

The book touches on three pertinent aspects that are the foundation of success in business today. They are leadership, customer relationships and organizational development. None of these aspects are new, since they have been around ever since the service sector was formed. However, Mahesh says that how you play your cards in each one of them has drastically changed. This can be primarily attributed to the global nature of businesses, technology inventions and the required collaboration at the modern work place. The book emphasizes that as a leader, staying competitive has become extremely difficult unless you are highly innovative all the time.

Kiruba Shankar CEO, Business Blogging Pvt Ltd, wrote the foreword for this book. He says that reading the book gave him an impression that Mahesh was having a conversation with him over a cup of coffee. According to Kiruba, a good author is one who has the ability to deliver his message in all forms of media. Kiruba feels that Mahesh has made the right decision to morph his blog it into a physical book.

About the Author

Mahesh Baxi is the CEO of Compassites Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Mahesh has over 19 years of global IT services experience. Mahesh takes on the reins of Compassites with a charter to scale the company, build the culture of thought leadership and foster innovation as the primary differentiator to add value to the customers. Mahesh has spent most of his professional life in front of the customers and is very passionate about working with customers.