Mining for Startups

This morning, I was reading through the interview of an entrepreneur who has set up four successful start-ups in a short span of time about the challenges faced in startups in one of the leading dailies. The biggest challenge that has come out to be is the unavailability of the right resources for the startups. I have to agree with it because if you check with the startups, 90% of them would agree with the same. They are unable to reach out to the right candidates as the need for the startups is slightly different than that of a well established. Since so many intelligent people believe that this is a problem, then there can be no second thoughts about it. But every problem has to have a solution. So should this one.

“Dhoondhne se to Bhagwan milte hai to talent kya cheez haji, dhoondhne wala chahiye” (With proper hunting you can find God then talent is a small entity, you need a proper hunter for it!)

I have spoken with some entrepreneurs about similar situations in the past and realized that none of them wished to invest efforts/money in hiring specialists who can in turn hire the right guys for them. Yes, because almost all of them felt that since they were a startup they would not like to incur the cost of recruiting/HR function as such. They might be right since the HR/recruiting cost never figured out in their planning when the startup idea incubated but neither the aggressive growth plan was there at the start of it.

Also, one thing that cannot be ignored is the kind of people that they want at the start of it is very different from what you can probably get readily on the portals or at the ready sources. The biggest surprise is almost all of them in their previous experience as employees of some companies did really believed the importance of HR/Recruiting functions. So what has happened? They now feel since the startup team would be involved full time in the growth they should be able to filter out the junk and get the best.

No doubt they will be able to do that but the problem of bringing the right guy on the table is still there, which probably would be resolved by (to a larger extent) having someone doing full time hunting for the start-up for the right resources. Someone who would resound exactly with what you need, someone who believes and understands the founder’s expectations and is brought in by the mission and vision statement. The point that I would like to make here is that one cannot ignore the need of a strong recruiting backbone in a startup as (probably) they may need it the most. Recruitment in a well established company may do away with junior recruiters or by outsourcing recruitment, but for smaller setups an in-house strong recruiting arm is a must.

Manav Prasad is the Head of Human Resources at Compassites. Manav comes with over 12+ years of industry experience. Prior to joining Compassites he was leading HR & Recruitment functions at companies like Saba Software, Thoughtworks Technologies etc. He is well known in the Human Resource circuit and has been a key member of popular HR forums such as HRIA. Manav holds an Electrical Engineering degree from Nagpur with an MBA from IIIT, Pune in HR and IT

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