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Digital Experience Management Services

Digital Experience Management Services

Compassites is a digital transformation company and a market leader in creating game-changing digital experiences. We bring to the table our in-depth experience of working with organizations across industry verticals, & helping them with tailor-made software solutions to enhance their business potential. We enable enterprises to succeed with our multi-channel digital technology solutions. Our suite of Digital Experience Management Solutions make the best use of our portal development capabilities utilising cutting-edge technologies to build robust and dynamic enterprise portals, as well as Web and Mobile Applications, all running seamlessly on-premise as well as on the cloud.

The world is rapidly shifting towards new digital media and interactive mobile experiences. Especially the Mobile devices, Cloud computing and Big data analytics are impacting the traditional models of enterprises. In this urgency to stay current and competitive, organizations often struggle to meet the challenges of the digital world. Compassites help them in effectively dealing with this change management by closing the gap between their technology aspirations and their current status.

Digital Experience Management Portals

Digital transformation is the most effective means to achieve higher scale and speed, increase operational efficiency, better engage with customers, and most importantly, to maximize revenue. As a trusted player, we are strategically placed to enable companies to deliver better products & services and thereby create effective business processes. We make them future-ready to cater to the ever-evolving, digitally empowered & mobile consumer. We drive customer success through continuous innovation in the digital space.

DXM Services

On an average every portal implemented is only utilized to 69% of intended goals

  • Lack of portal metrics and user experience touch points data
  • Lack of user experience design
  • Content is ineffective
  • Portal support and governance infrastructure is lacking
  • Bad/wrong implementation
  • Lack of ecosystem integrations

Our Digital Experience Management Solutions

Compassites’ Digital Experience Management Solutions include:

  • Assessment of the state of digital readiness and preparation of a roadmap to be digital ready
  • Partner with the company to build digital platforms by fully leveraging mobility, data analytics, cloud and portal technologies

Game-changing Digital Solutions to improve Customer Experiences

Today’s organizations are committing to provide a seamless experience to customers across applications and devices. They are enabling customers with apps on mobile and cloud, that will allow interactions and transactions while preserving the full business context.

Compassites’ digital solutions strategy for customers covers:

  • Acquiring new customers
  • Providing customer service
  • Preventing customer churn
  • Monitoring customer interactions in real-time
  • Understanding customer behavior
Digital Transformation Solutions

Digital Experience Management Platform

Digital Experience Management drives every customer touch point interaction all the way to end value.
Getting to value and utility amazingly quick is the key to making any portal successful.

Digital Experience Management Platform

We use cutting-edge technologies to radically improve Digital Experience…

dxm technologies

Digital Transformation Solutions to get Enterprises Future-ready

Enterprises starting new lines of business are adopting an end-to-end digital platform to deliver products and services to their customers. This has allowed them to fully leverage the latest digital technologies like Mobility, Cloud computing and Data analytics to achieve excellent business results.

Moreover, Compassites has partnered with many other companies to create an end-to-end solution for brand protection. For example, we have built a digital stamp-based track and trace platform that allows product manufacturers to track their products during shipment from the manufacturing unit all the way to the retail outlet, and so protecting the brand in the entire supply chain. The solution helps in the monitoring of several thousand product categories and manages several million transactions per year.

Digital Transformation Process

Modern custom software development would use a mix of technologies including:

  • Portal technologies like WordPress, Drupal, Liferay, SharePoint etc.
  • Mobile technologies like Android, iOS.
  • Cloud technologies like Amazon, Azure.
  • Big data, Data analytics and Data visualization technologies like Hadoop, D3.js, Tableau etc.

Compassites specializes in all of these digital technologies and has the ability to provide an optimal solution to customer challenges using the right mix of these technologies.

We are Trusted by World’s most Successful Brands…

Case Studies

Download our case studies to learn more about how we overcame the complex business challenges of our valued clients.

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