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Web Portal Development Services

Enterprise Web Portal Development

A Web Portal acts as an essential source of information about a specific business & thereby helps in connecting the business processes across the supply chain over an online platform. Enterprise Portals can be categorized into two types based on their content and intended users: Horizontal Portals & Vertical Portals.

Horizontal Portals target communities of users, and this category of portals include Customer portals, Employee portals, Partner portals, Supplier portals, etc.

Vertical Portals are more specific to their contents and objects. E-commerce portals, News portals, B2B portals, Business intelligence portals, Knowledge portals, etc., come under this category.

Compassites specializes in identifying the right technologies, arriving at optimal solutions, and deciding the appropriate methodologies that are required to develop & implement the robust Enterprise Portals for their customers.

Web Portal Development Services

Typical Features of our Web Portals

Web Portal Development
  • One-stop for all enterprise applications and external applications to provide a seamless experience to users for their informational and transactional needs.
  • Search features with advanced search capabilities including faceting, data search, doc search, etc.
  • Content management of various types of content including text, pictures, audio, video and in some cases, streaming data.
  • Workflows to enable content collaborations, publishing, etc.
  • Single sign-in within the portal for all enterprise applications.
  • Anytime, anywhere access to enable users to access the portal on web, mobile and tablet devices.
  • Integration with other enterprise applications, external apps, payment gateways & social networks.
  • Self-service portals for individual users.

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  • Determine the data, features and functions, business workflows, reports and dashboards that the portals need to support.
  • Determine the integrations required for various other enterprise apps, external data and external applications.
  • Determine the extent of custom software development using technologies like J2EE, .NET, LAMP stack, etc.
  • Determine the extent of utilisation of portals using technology platforms like Liferay, SharePoint, WordPress and other open source technologies.
Enterprise Web Portal Development

Our Portal Testing Services

Compassites offer the Automation, Performance and Security testing services to its clients in the portal testing space.

  • Automation Testing Services:

Portal test automation is critical to increase test effectiveness and achieve high test coverage. Automated testing can provide significant savings in test execution time and costs.  By using automated testing, the pace of software implementation can be greatly increased, thus providing an early return on investment on software implementations. By reducing the need for manual testing, automation testing helps reduce implementation defects and associated costs of defect fixing.

Services offered

  • Implementation of Test Automation frameworks using Selenium and Protractor for an end-to-end testing solution
  • Functional, smoke and regression test automation, including test scripting and test execution
  • API test automation
  • Performance Testing Services:

In performance testing, an application is tested for aspects such as reliability, uptime, responsiveness and throughput at various loads. If a web application is not meeting minimum standards of performance, actions would be called upon to remediate the performance issue at one of various levels ranging from code changes to design and architecture changes. Web application performance testing is becoming more important today, essentially to assess stability, availability and performance.

Services offered

  • Web application performance and load testing for volume & scalability
  • Performance testing of hosted web applications and cloud-based web applications
  • Security Testing Services:

While information and data security has always been a high priority for businesses, the rapid scale of expansion of the internet has greatly increased the number of possible attack points and vulnerabilities for software applications. Web application security testing services can uncover vulnerabilities in an application and its associated components by performing static and dynamic testing.

Services offered

  • Web application security testing is performed against prominent vulnerabilities, including injection, cross site scripting, cross site request forgery and invalidated redirects.
  • Web applications are tested and certified to be secure against OWASP Top 10 standard vulnerabilities.
  • Penetration testing, including vulnerability discovery and assessment.
  • Security code review services provide vulnerability discovery, assessment and reporting.

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