Parse – A Cloud Based Service

What is “Parse”?

It is a cloud-based service which can power any app on any platform. An app requires some backend services to support data storage or backup, analytics, and personalization. Developers of the app can get this backend services using Parse.

Parse has SDKs for devices running on iOS, Android, Windows 8, OS X and also web-based PHP, JavaScript apps.

Parse: Every need one solution

A snapshot of Parse

Parse Core

Save data types such as locations, photos, and query on the cloud without requiring a server
Allows for social logging i.e., users can login using traditional logging or by using social networks
Provision to save data when offline also the app can use querying and security features when offline
Built to scale apps

Parse Push

Parse simplifies the process Push notifications.

Usually Push is executed by registering mobile to GCM server. After this whenever information has to be posted the server pushes it. Parse removes all the steps. In Parse a phone is subscribed to particular channel. When message is pushed to that channel all phones in the channel get the notification.

A Push composer allows users to send notifications using web interface.

Parse Analytics

It gives details about app usage. It gives measure of active users, installations, etc. It also enables us to see real-time analytics based on device types.

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