Screening candidates before the actual interview

I was recently reading through an article (How I Hire: Three Questions, No Resumes) posted by J.T. O’Donnell, a very senior and seasoned HR professional. The summary of the article was that; she has stopped asking CVs to filter the potential candidates for interview. Instead she has been posting the candidates with three questions that tell her about the connectedness and the seriousness about the job that the candidate displays. The answers are helping her to get some idea on the values and interest levels of the candidate. She claims that this has reduced the junk CVs up to a larger extent making the recruiting process more effective.

I completely agree with her approach and this certainly would help in processing the good candidates for certain jobs.

There is another view point to this. Does this hold equally true, when we want to do bulk hiring and particularly in the Indian context? Over here, I have seen candidates who have been honest in saying that they don’t know the company as such, but were willing to explore the opportunity. Since they were good, they cleared the interview processes and they went on to be great assets for the company. So here is my dilemma! If I would have rejected this person at the start of the interview process itself, my company would have never got this talent. Is it worthwhile in rejecting the candidates based on the pro-activeness/interest shown? Might be or might not be.

With the kind of tight competition that we are facing in the market, I am sure it is still the candidate’s market. If a recruiter had his/her way, he/she would have never processed a candidate who says they already have an offer in hand but still would like to pursue for a better package or great work etc. The pressure that the recruiting team always has from delivery side, pushes them to stop being hyper selective and instead try to convince a brand new candidate who has never heard of your company earlier. It is not that we don’t filter people with bad attitude but it is just that can I put that thing as my first filtering criteria?

Manav Prasad is the Head of Human Resources at Compassites. Manav comes with over 12+ years of industry experience. Prior to joining Compassites he was leading HR & Recruitment functions at companies like Saba Software, Thoughtworks Technologies etc. He is well known in the Human Resource circuit and has been a key member of popular HR forums such as HRIA. Manav holds an Electrical Engineering degree from Nagpur with an MBA from IIIT, Pune in HR and IT

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