Take a tab

Take a Tab: An android app for your health and haleness

Nikil is consultant developer at Compassites Software Solutions at Bangalore. He has primarily worked on Java and Android application development. He works on developing mobile applications on various platforms and keeps track of the latest and upcoming technologies

Take a tab?

Take tab is an android application which is meant to ease the interaction between doctors and nurses regarding medical prescription. It also connect patients to doctors and nurses who give free care services.

Bringing doctors, nursing staff, and ailing patients on a common platform.



Android platform is the extensively used these days and still mounting toward peak. Building an app on android will make app reach many people.



Web services well planned and created is of great use as it increases the functionality of the app.


Bug fixing?

Since the app is taking baby steps yet bugs are fixed individually as and when found. After the initial fixes app would be shared in the social websites for more inputs about bugs and                           fixes.

Look and feel of the app?

Yet to be refined for the perfect semblance.


Publishing “Take a tab”?

Plan to publish in an open source market and then move to play store.



Organizing the data and notifying was one challenging task.

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