Te Amo

Te Amo: An android app for preferred networking

Hannan Shaik is consultant developer at Compassites Software Solutions at Bangalore. He has experience working as systems engineer. He has primarily worked on Java and Android application development. He works on developing mobile applications on various platforms and is passionate about latest trends in the mobile world.

Te Amo?

Te Amo is a personalized, private and secure one touch app to call, message, chat and locate your partner.

Build Cordial relationships



86% of Indian smart phone users are into android. For app to reach to as many number of people as it can I choose android.



Two important thing

Creation of UI design/Mockups which helps throughout the app building process of as we will be sure of our end product.
Creation of Restful services to handle the data
Work about: How to handle requests to services and how to interpret the responses.

Bug fixing?

Created a community in Google Plus and shared the Alpha and Beta builds. I was flooded with bugs and enhancements.

Work about: I first took up the bugs and resolved them and then worked on enhancements.

Look and feel of the app?

Kept the UI decoupled to my logic such that anytime based on suggestions I can re-create it.

Work about: Went through lot of design blogs and UX guidelines before I could finally                                  decide on one.

Publishing “Te Amo”?

Published on open source market called “SlideMe”. Based on the positive feedback there, I moved to Google Play.

Work about: The publishing steps are very simple and are nicely documented by Google.


Encrypting the user data, avoiding duplicate registrations etc.

Work about: Google and Compassites was a great help in this phase.

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