The Solutioning Problem

Lately, there has been a lot of push within our leadership team to start sharing to the outside world about our learnings at work. Me being multifaceted (in other words jack of all and master of none!) in technology delivery and client solutioning, I believe there is a fair bit of knowledge to be shared in order to understand and solve the solutioning conundrum. There will be series of articles around these topics and I look forward for your thoughts and comments on the same.

So let’s begin with people first. More often than not, there are typically 3 sets of people who get pulled into addressing the solutioning aspect of software services.

  1. All the tech geeks solving technology issues/problems in one way or the other in our day to day technology life.
  2. There are technology architects who try to solve larger problems addressing technology bottlenecks and challenges.
  3. Then there are solutioning folks who dont go indepth in the technology but provide the overall framework for the architects and technology honchos to achieve their objectives.

One of the key questions to consider while solutioning is to whom are you solutioning : Entrepreneurs or Enterprises? Compassites has dealt with both kinds over the past 7 years. Each of these experiences have taught several things about solutioning.

Top 5 things to remember if you are building for Entrepreneurs (until beta/first launch)

  1. Don’t think about the best solution. Entrepreneurs need something quick and in working condition.
  2. All these cliched jargons of “scalability” and “availability” is still a long way down the road for entrepreneurs. If you replace these with quick turn around and time to market propositions, the clients will be much more receptive.
  3. Entrepreneurs are less worried about the knife you use to cut. As long as it cuts, it works for them.
  4. Be prepared to scrap things as you build – technically and architecturally. Their business models and vision changes as they understand the market and talk to investors.
  5. Do understand that solutioning for entrepreneurs means that you will have less time to showcase.

Top 5 things to remember if you are solutioning a new product for enterprises

  1. Always try to bring in a wide variety of technology choices. The decision will be influenced by people running these products.
  2. Enterprises are mindful of getting things right and may invest until they get it.
  3. The solutioning decisions has to be based on facts and POC’s and the earlier experiences of the team.
  4. Bringing in the right tools with longevity is key for success while dealing with enterprises.
  5. Planning this in minutest of detail is as important as actually implementing it.

Rajesh Kannan, CEO, Compassites. He has over 15 years of experience in the IT industry focused around technology and delivery. He is one of the co-founders of Compassites. He has been instrumental in starting the company and has been involved in the day to day operations. Prior to joining Compassites, Rajesh was involved in setting up an India entity for a US based Karna Global Technologies. Rajesh’s earlier work experience includes companies such as Questech and Wipro.

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