The top 10 traits of a great developer

Technology companies spend a lot of time, money and energy in order to hire good developers. HR folks from tech companies try to analyze a candidate’s fit based on certain characteristics or traits. These traits differ from one company to the other because companies do have cultural differences and value propositions. So what are the traits that a great developer should possess? How does an HR person find out which candidate would be an ideal fit in the company? Here are some pointers on what behaviors your ideal developer would exhibit.

1. Analytical bent of mind: A developer should be able to validate his/her work, statements with sound reasoning. He/she should have the mindset of analyzing the technical situation and then coming out with valid justifications for each piece of logic.

2. Coding enthusiast: The developer would love programming particularly languages like C++, PHP, Python, Ruby or others. Coding should not be seen as a chore but as something, which is enjoyable. A good developer would be in love with clean code.

3. Good communication skills: A developer’s job is not only about coding. He/she has to undergo brainstorming sessions with clients on multiple occasions. He/she should be able to understand the requirements that are specified by the Business Analyst.

4. Technology agnostic: A really good developer is not dependent on one technology. He/she will be able to learn any new technology rapidly. This is what we call as a “polyglot programmer”.

5. Assertiveness:  There are many times when a developer needs to take a tough stand on certain technical aspects of a project. This is where assertiveness comes into play.  This holds good especially when project scope discussions come into play.

6: Inquisitiveness: The rockstar developer is always curious about the finer details of technology and how certain things work in a certain way. He wants to know more about the trends in technology and tries to keep himself abreast with the latest technology trends.

7. Open-mindedness: A developer should be open for discussions and also be a good listener. He should be able to work in cross-functional teams by taking the opinions of the team members into consideration.

8. Accountability: Every project comes with its own set of challenges. If the developer has a sense of ownership, then the project will run smoothly. When the inevitable mistake is made, a developer must have the courage to admit it and ensure that it does not repeat.

9. Design skills:  A good developer picks up a few basic design skills. These skills help in the ability to prototype quickly and visualize the project’s technical architectures.

10. Proactive nature: The ideal developer should be proactive in his approach to help the clients with his business needs. The ideal programmer is never an order taker but rather someone who thinks holistically about the system.

Jugal Tripathi is a Marketing Consultant at Compassites and is currently pursuing MBA at National Institute Of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal. He kick started his professional career 5 years ago and worked across various profiles such as content developer and academic consultant centre operations. He is always active in participating in various management fests across the country.

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