Where can you find developers willing to join your startup?

A good software developer is one of the most in-demand skill sets on the planet right now. And the truth is good developers are hard to find, like hard to find. So, it’s important not to have high expectations, because chances are, even when you find a developer, they might not even ‘get you’ and what you end up with will not be what you want, which is why you may have heard everyone say build the absolute minimum viable product.

But don’t give up, it’s not impossible to find one if you plan and execute on it. Still Developers willing to join startups are very in-demand. And do not forget that what you need is not talent, which any 12-year-old can have. What you need is skill, which is what you get when you start with talent and add years of hard work.

Job security is the number one factor when it comes to hiring talent and unfortunately, you cannot do much about it. Or can you?

Well yes! You can.

The real problem here is not that you have not been putting efforts into recruiting talent. The problem is you have been looking at the wrong place. Most start-ups recruit through traditional channels like job portals (monster, Indeed.com etc.)

Some smarter start-ups use LinkedIn and other social media channels. And some resort to recruitment consultants.But the real smart ones look at places with the highest potential. They look at places who provide dedicated expert developers with full research.

Compassites is an excellent place to find qualified programmers, as it has higher levels of technical expertise in this area, they prepare their developers in a correct way. They have built this platform to help startups find talented developers. It allows you to search through their database of thousands of developers based on skills, university, age, etc. Once you find someone with the skills you need, simply send them a message and bring them on to your team.

So, ask yourself: Why would a developer who can do anything choose to work with you?

Offering them 30% of nothing is, frankly, not so appealing. Anybody good who wants to work for free probably has ideas of their own they would like to work on, for which they get 100%.

Conclusion: Don’t spend all your time gazing the computer screen scanning resumes on job portals. Go socialize, network, make friends, share vision, and talk it out. Show them that you have lot of fire in your belly and a vision to succeed. People get attracted to fellows who have a vision. And people who are talented, more so!

If by any chance you need more information you can drop them a line at sales@compassitesinc.com or visit their dedicated web page Developers on Demand

Where there’s a will, there’s a way! Good luck.