You know you are a Navigator when …

“You know you are a navigator when you inherit the will to feel the zeal!” wrote Aditya Nagre, winner of the ‘one-liner’ contest organized by me at Compassites. Who am I? I’m a HR Consultant with Compassites and the ‘Navigators’ are our employees, who are the forefront of all things software.

This being my first venture into the professional world, I was both excited and nervous at the same time. So I got some of my colleagues together for a brain storming session to come up with the guidelines for the contest. The idea was to run an internal contest amogst employees to get them to speak their mind of what it means to be a Navigator. After hours of deliberating and fun, we came up with the basic guidelines for the contest. Loads of samosas and coffees to wash it down with, I came up with the design of the flyer to announce the contest to my fellow Navigators and set the ball rolling.

Like a kid waiting for my mom to bring home some goodies and candies, I waited for the responses. As with most of the times, I was crestfallen. Even after a couple of hours after the announcement, there was not a single response. It seemed to me that my first attempt at stirring the left side brain of my comrades in arms was doomed to be a failure. With a heavy heart, I went home and spent the evening brooding on the events earlier in the day and telling myself that everything good happens to the one who waits.

So with a new found determination, I went to work the following day and went about doing my usual chores. And as they say, life is indeed full of surprises! I open my Outlook and there were about 20 responses! My joy knew no bounds. The responses ranged from being downright slapstick witty to being deeply thoughtful. Out of which I like to mention a couple that I like the most:

You know, you are a navigator when..

[mk_custom_list style=”e32e” icon_color=”#FF7C00″ margin_bottom=”30″ align=”none”]

  • “you know more programming languages than human languages!”
  • “you are capable of braving the tide of projects, storm of bugs and yet sail through to reach the destination while happily sipping through ‘Java’, riding a ‘Python’ and admiring the glory of ‘Ruby’

The last part of the contest was to vote for the best one-liner that completely represents what Compassites stands for! So I went about designing another flyer to announce the start of the voting round. At the end of the voting session, Navigators chose a one liner that best describes them, which was “You know you are a navigator when you inherit the will to feel the zeal!!”. All in all, this was a great contest, where everybody got to rack their grey cells and a truly memorable experience for a first timer like me.

Trupti Chandrashekhar is an HR intern at Compassites. She is involved in various HR activities such as recruitment, employee engagement and HR operations. She holds an MBA degree from University of Technology, Sydney, Australia. This is her first venture into the professional life. Apart from work, she loves reading books, traveling and do adventurous things such as sky diving, scuba diving, ocean walking & snorkeling.

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